Upcoming Events!

As an addition to our regularly scheduled quarterly event, the Vintage Christmas Special is outside of our normal schedule.  This Christmas you have the opportunity to rent a holiday home for the Christmas season.  Picturesque landscaping, loads of activities and catering for families.  Click "reservation" below to save your spot.  There will be four room in the main lodge (perfect for singles or couples) and six smaller homes geared toward families and large parties.  First come first served.  Rentals are for a two week period minimum with a maximum of 6 weeks. Please note, the smaller homes are cozy cottages made to feel like a hotel room.  You may find pull out sofas, bunk rooms and other shared spaces.  What does everyone do on a winter holiday in a small cottage? PLAY OUTSIDE! There will be no shortage of outdoor activities, FREE GIFTS, customized spaces, interactive games and more!  Find a pile of Christmas presents magically appear under your Christmas tree on Xmas morning, all with a gift for every registered member of your family.   These cozy dwellings will really make you feel like you are on an authentic, woodland holiday.


Vintage Christmas Special
Dec 1, 2021 - Jan 5, 2022